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How is the Ceiling Storage Shelf made?
The Ceiling Storage Shelf is made from an industrial style metal which has been powder-coated in a white finish to give it a very clean and polished appearance.

How much weight will each Ceiling Storage Shelf hold?
Each Ceiling Storage Shelf unit, when properly installed, holds up to 250 pounds.

What is the dimension of the Ceiling Storage Shelf?
The shelf has extra large capacity measuring 44 5/8" width X 48 ½" length.

Is the Ceiling Storage Shelf Adjustable?
The Ceiling Storage Shelf easily adjusts every 1" from 16" to a maximum of 28 ¼" from the ceiling.

What keeps stored items from falling out the other side?
Each Ceiling Storage Shelf has raised edges that helps prevent items from falling.

How is the Ceiling Storage Shelf installed?
Each Ceiling Storage Shelf is installed with heavy duty screws into the ceiling joists of your garage or basement.

Where should I install the Ceiling Storage Shelf?
The Ceiling Storage Shelf fits perfectly in the area between the garage door (in the "up" position) and the top of the garage ceiling. Also, the Ceiling Storage Shelf can be installed along the back or side walls of your garage as well.

What items can be stored on the Ceiling Storage Shelf?
The Ceiling Storage Shelf is the perfect place to store seasonal type or seldom used items such as extension ladders, artificial Christmas trees and decorations, water sport accessories, files, paints and harmful chemicals, car-top carrriers, canoes, kayaks, ice chests and coolers, and any item you want "up and out of your way!"

How do I install the Ceiling Storage Shelf?
The Ceiling Storage Shelf can be purchased and installed by you. Please call us for availability of dealers in your area.

What is the cost for shipping me a Ceiling Storage Shelf?
Shipping charges vary. All units ship UPS in the US contiguous states and the average charge is $19.95 per unit, and better shipping terms with more than one unit purchased. Please contact us toll-free at 1-866-829-2467 or e-mail us at sales@garage-outfitters.com

Buy the Ceiling Storage Shelf online or call for fast delivery 866-239-5166

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