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A-291 Ceiling Storage Shelf

Quickly solve your garage storage problems. The "Ceiling Storage Shelf" utilizes the space available above the floor! Specifically, when your garage door is in the "up" position, the unused space between the top of the garage door and the ceiling suddenly becomes "smart" storage space. Also, the unused space in the corners of your garage, along the back or side walls, become instant, inexpensive storage!

Product features of the "Ceiling Storage Shelf" include an industrial strength, steel shelf with raised edges, with a base of 3.5' x 4'. The very best feature is the shelf is adjustable! The space above the garage door varies from each home, from 16" to 32" and everything in-between. The adjustable feature allows you to maximize whatever unused space available with the ability to hold 250 pounds of weight.

The "Ceiling Storage Shelf" is perfect for "off-season" type storage. The smart storage solution for Christmas trees and decorations, extension ladders, harmful chemicals and cleaners, paints, water sport accessories, canoes, kayaks, car-top carriers and any other items that need to be permanently stored in your garage.

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Ceiling Storage Shelf

Ceiling Storage Shelf

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