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Thank you for helping us solve our storage problem. By taking advantage of
storage space we didn't even know we had, I get to walk into a clean
garage, with no boxes on the floor each morning. The quality of the
Ceiling Storage Shelf is better than expected and we would
recommend it to anyone who asks.

Dr. Christopher & Lily Bargmann

"We are very happy with the ceiling storage by Garage Outfitters, Inc. It
maximizes the use of very limited garage space and provides a convenient
way to store and easily access seasonal items. Most important, we can park both our vehicles in the garage every night.

Tony Nuccio

My husband is a retired engineer and as a result I was apprehensive about
ordering anything for his immaculate garage. However, we needed more
storage. He was very pleased and amazed at the design of your Ceiling
Storage Shelves and its brilliant use of empty space in our garage.

Mary Chatfield

Thanks so much for the Ceiling Storage Shelves in our garage. Since I am changing grade levels next year, I have countless boxes of teacher "stuff" that I will not need for awhile, but am unwilling to part with. These storage units have enabled me to hang on to all of my materials for future use. Jim and I have had fun organizing and clearing out the garage. We even have room left over for swimming pool toys at the end of the summer! It was great doing business with you.

Nancy Baker
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Garage Storage

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